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Working for Summit

We expect all our instructors to uphold the highest levels of professionalism and teaching whenever they work and no exception will be made for the training team. In the case that we are unconvinced you are able to meet these standards, no work can be guaranteed. We will of course do everything we can to help you attain these standards.

Apart from the first week, training will take place in the afternoons in the quieter weeks in the season. This should mean the chance to work full days in the peak weeks and some mornings in the lower season.

Work will be paid at a rate of 25chf per hour. Mandatory Swiss taxes and social charges have to be taken from these wages (approx 25%). We hope you can work enough hours to cover your training fees (but it probably won’t cover all the costs of life in Zermatt)

What makes a Summit instructor?

We want instructors who we will be proud to put out in a Summit uniform. We therefore require all members of the training team to be:

  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Great communicators
  • Gifted teachers

As a prerequisite to being able to wear the Summit uniform, we want all our instructors to be skiing well and responsibly at all times. We ask for the ISIA technical level in all our skiers

Why do this in Zermatt?

As well as being one of the premiere snow sure resorts in the Alps, here in Zermatt we have all the terrain you could need to train.

Well by joining us you have the chance to work and train in the same resort. In terms of work there is a wide range of levels and clients so it is not just teaching kids groups (although there is a good chance that will be in there!). When it comes to the training we have a huge range of available terrain from steep pistes to long bumps lines and off piste.

About Summit and training with us

Summit Ski & Snowboard school was set up in 2004 and has has employed over 120 instructors since then. During these years we have helped train our team members. Some from L2 all the way through to ISTD and opening their own ski schools across the Alps. In recent years we have had a team made up of exclusively ISIA and above qualifications so our training has been developing people towards the Level 4, technically, tactically and psychologically.

Our training team program is developed with this experience in mind.

About Summit and training with us

Our training is headed up by one of Summits’ owners, Henry Meredith Hardy.

Henry has been teaching since 2001 and has been responsible for all the training over the years with Summit. He has been a BASI Trainer for 10 years and has the experience to help you develop towards your next goal.

He has taught all over the world and likes to take ideas and inspiration from skiers all over the world. He has a great team to work with including an NZSIA Trainer, Swiss Patents and BASI ISTD’s.

SPD has a wealth of coaching experience and a great team to help you push your skiing.