Train for your
tech and teach
exams in a
women only group

Why run a
women only group?

At Summit we are always on the lookout for fantastic female teachers who have their ISIA qualification. Many have gone on to finish their BASI ISTD and work independently, set up their own snowsports schools and more. Over the years we have greater demand from our clients for these teachers and we are always short of applications.

This year, we have decided to dedicate a training program for women only, with the aim of encouraging more women to keep moving forward with the instructor qualifications and prepare them for their level 3.

Is a women SPECIFIC
COURSE right for you?

It is true to say that the number of women who pursue their instructor qualifications through to ISIA is less than men.

Our plan is to look at the training environment and our approach in everything from goal setting, task presentation, feedback and more to make it more inclusive and beneficial for everyone we are training.

We are looking for a motivated group of women who are keen to experience a female only training group. The minimum instructor level required to join the course is the BASI Level 2 (or equivalent), in addition a positive and inclusive attitude as well as the mindset to focus and making real changes in your skiing is a must.

“There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish”

Michelle Obama

Available Course dates


480chf per week
1250chf for 3 weeks ​

Empowering women in our industry

We want to help create a pathway for great female instructors in the industry, there is the demand but not that many work through the system. 

Our team understand some of the challenges that are faced working through all the exams. Whether it’s returning to work after having kids, facing the fear of the euro test, or some challenging clients!

We have the experience to help y ou become a great skier and an even better teacher. 


We have trained 159 instructors over the 15 years of Summit. To improve their technical skiing as well as their teaching. To help our team become better instructors, skiers and pass exams.


Of the 159 instructors working for Summit over the years 46 have been women.


have achieved BASI Level 3 ISIA


have achieved the Level 4 or Swiss Patent

Your goals

Everyone comes to training courses wanting different things out of it. We will work with you towards your goals so you are set up for the season, your next exam, or whatever you are aiming for.


Every day is on the hill with some off snow sessions too. 

A typical day on the hill during our training courses will meet at 9am on the hill ready to ski, we expect you to be punctual and ready to learn.

We will generally ski 2-3 hours and then pause for some lunch then back out for the afternoon.

Every week there will be video analysis and a chance to record down your changes. You will also be able to join in the fitness sessions with the Summit team.


If you are interested in learning more about our training programs then please get in touch with us to discuss we are here to answer any questions.



10% off

If you book before the 30th september