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The Summit trainers have your improvement as their sole aim. You need to be along for the ride 100%.

This isn’t a normal course you can just book on. If you think you would be a suitable candidate to join our training program then read the pdf in detail and fill in our contact form to apply for a place in the Summit Training Team.

Who is it for?

Our winter training program is for qualified ski instructors already skiing to a high standard looking to improve their skiing while working in an established ski school (this doesn’t mean you need to have passed the ISIA tech exam though). We are looking for strong skiers with a good ethos about training and working.  With the opportunity to work* during the peak season and time to train during the rest of the season.

We believe in skiing well so while our training has an obvious slant in the direction of BASI we are interested in developing skiers who can ski the whole mountain well instead of just do short turns down a given pitch.

If you are from NZSIA, CSIA, PSIA, BASI etc and think you fit the bill then get in touch, we want to improve good instructors.

Do you have what it takes?

In order that you are able to make the most possible progress in your skiing and teaching ability, we want individuals who have a certain physical and mental approach to their sport.

Physically, you need to be in shape to ski hard all day and not let fitness be a factor in your ability to attack any terrain and all snow conditions.

Mentally, you need to be positive and optimistic in your own ability to improve as well as supportive of your team mates efforts. You also need to be open minded to any number of tactics and techniques that might be presented to you.