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7 weeks training for the Zermatt level 4 tech COURSE

We have changed our training schedule for the 21/22 season due to BREXIT and it being that much harder for British passport holders to work now. 

This season we will offer 7 weeks Level 4 tech training program for anyone with their ISIA who wants to focus on making real changes to their skiing.

This is in 3 blocks, Autumn, January and before the exam in March. So if you live in town and want to do them all you can but if you can only make it out for 1 block, or 1 week then we’d love to ski with you. 

We have put our ethos of training the team into our program to create a pathway for instructors to learn how to better teachers, better skiers and have a successful career in the industry.

Course dates


480chf per week
1250chf for 3 weeks ​


We have trained 159 instructors over the 15 years of Summit. To improve their technical skiing as well as their teaching. To help our team become better instructors, skiers and pass exams.


Of the 159 instructors 104 have their ISIA qualification and have trained with us at or towards this technical level


have achieved BASI Level 4 ISTD


have achieved the Swiss Patent


Have gone on to set up snowsports schools

What's involved?

The training weeks are designed to give those working in Zermatt the opportunity to focus on high level training while being able to work the busy weeks allowing you to have a good season and prepare for your exam.

Equally if you are just joining for a week or two then we will be able to get you back up to speed ASAP and work with you on your goals.

The weeks will involve full days on the hill as well as video analysis each week. We would encourage you to keep a record of where you are each week and what you are working on. Using this to help you work towards your goals.


480chf per week
1250chf for 3 weeks ​


Every day is on the hill with some off snow sessions too. 

A typical day on the hill during our training courses will meet at 9am on the hill ready to ski, we expect you to be punctual and ready to learn.

We will generally ski 2-3 hours and then pause for some lunch then back out for the afternoon.

Every week there will be video analysis and a chance to record down your changes. You will also be able to join in the fitness sessions with the Summit team.


If you are interested in learning more about our training programs then please get in touch with us to discuss we are here to answer any questions.