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10 week instructor course leading up to basi level 1 & 2 qualifications

This season we will offer a 10 week BASI level 1 & 2 training course in partnership with WE ARE SNO. This course is aimed at passionate skiers who are looking to improve their technical ability and develop teaching skills. 

It’s perfect for those looking to fast-track into a career in snowsports. Due to changes since Brexit WE ARE SNO are now offering two different training courses with us this season so get in touch with them to see what works for you.


Dependant on course type, enquire to confirm

What's involved?

The training programme will focus on high level coaching delivered by BASI trainers & the top instructors within the Summit team. 

The goal is to train and qualify up to the BASI level 2 standard. For those eligible to work in Switzerland there is the opportunity to secure employment in the later part of the season.

The course itself is designed to give experienced skiers an entry into the snowsports industry. With a requirement for applicants to have at least 8 weeks of prior on-snow experience. This ensures a consistent starting point and increases the chances of success during the exams.

The schedule will follow 5 full days of training each week with 2 days off. Candidates will enjoy skiing on varied terrain within the vast Matterhorn Paradise ski area. There will be regular video analysis and feedback sessions throughout.

WE ARE SNO will facilitate the course package, which includes but is not limited to:

  • airport transfer
  • accommodation
  • season lift pass
  • on-snow training
  • BASI exams
  • resort transfers
  • first-aid
  • shadowing
  • employment (pending interview & eligibility).


The winter will have set weeks of training and then the opportunity to shadow during peak season. It’s a busy schedule but a great way to focus in on what is required to pass your exams and make a great instructor.

Week 1 – Training Block 1
Week 2 – Training Block 1
Week 3 – BASI Level 1 Exam
Week 4 – Training block 2
Week 5 – Training block 2
Week 6 – Shadowing (am) & training (pm)
Week 7 – Shadowing (am) & training (pm)
Week 8 – Training block 3
Week 9 – BASI Level 2 Exam
Week 10 – BASI Level 2 Exam


If you are interested in learning more about our instructor training then please get in touch with our partners WE ARE SNO to discuss your options and ask any questions.