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Seasonal and week long instructor training programs

Our NEW season long train and work program

Our goal is more than just ticking boxes and passing the next exam. Our ski instructor training program is about making you a better skier and teacher.

We want to develop your skiing and teaching so that you are versatile, adaptable and you can take on any challenge that comes your way.

It all comes down to our team. Great lessons delivered by inspiring skiers is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

We believe there is always more to learn, and if you want to keep challenging yourself and improving then maybe Summit is for you.

Pre BASI Training weeks

The perfect prep before a BASI exam. These weeks will get you warmed up and skiing well in the week before your BASI course.

We will help you hone your skills, fine tune your movements and make sure you are skiing your A-game. Being in Zermatt we are well placed to get you comfortable in the snow conditions and on the terrain where you will be assessed.

Go in to your November BASI courses with enthusiasm and confidence.